Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Struggle

Spaced Out


Andy says he is trying to stay out of trouble and dont make trouble. He have been working as a door-barker for Saloon and Howl at the Moon for three years. He plans save some money, go back to school to learn reading and writing, learn Spanish and go or vocation out of country. He belives it will change his life.

On the Back Door of Saloon

Smoking area... crossroads between 2 bars, fastfood place our managers's office and bathroom. 

Bourbon and Circuses!

I pass them everyday in my way to work. If someone would ask me describe Bourbon I would say Circus. The street is full of tourists from all around the world come here to get drunk and listen to jazz and people who live and work there: street musicians, performancers, hookers, door barkers, security guys, shot-girls, strippers, waitresses and police.